On ever corner, in every city of every state, wedding dress shops attempt to entice brides and their entourage to step in for a look and hopefully leave with their perfect wedding dress. Once inside, brides will be filled to the brim with excitement as they try on dress after dress showcasing their pièce de résistance in front of close friends and family. Unfortunately, grooms do not have such luck or luxuries as they are left with 1 or 2 stores that cater to their wedding day fashion. Also, most grooms may feel uncomfortable showcasing their potential digs in the same scenario. Thankfully, Xedo provides runway rentals a your doorstep and the ultimate tux rental experience for grooms all over the world.

Benefits of Xedo include:

  • $100 restaurant.com gift card
  • Top formal wear trends and big developers
  • 120 colors and perfect match color coordination to accessories and brides/bridesmaids
  • 100% 24/7 online management of your wedding party
  • Free try-on from the comfort of your home
  • Free replacements
  • Coast to coast delivery system for all your local and out-of-town bridal party members
  • Delivery 2 weeks prior to event date with direct shipping to your doorstep
  • Competitive pricing for the complete wedding day look
  • Perfect fit for everyone from slim to big and tall (sizes 3 to 66)

So it's time to suit up and have your wedding, your style, your way! Grooms enjoy a free try-on from the comfort of your own home and $40 off your tux rental. Click here to get started today!